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Phytotherapy & Aromatherapy

Phytotherapy & Aromatherapy

This is the area of phytotherapy that heals using essential oil extracts from plants.

The essential extracts are a whole organic substance and each aromatic plant is characterized differently. Their therapeutic effect is subtle but extremely effective, not only causing a physiological effect, but also a rapid effect on the emotions and the mind.

Aromatherapy is no new innovative technique; it goes back as far as humanity itself. Applications for treating illnesses can be applied both internally and externally. According to René Maurice Gattefossé, who is considered to be the father of aromatherapy, essential oils are for external use, nevertheless, wherever they are applied topically, their rapid penetration causes them to act on the underlying organs. The essential oils are used in massages, inhalations and baths

What are essential oils?
Essential oils, i.e. the distilled essence, are extracts obtained when the essences in an aromatic plant undergo steam distillation in a still. The essential oil is made up of 100% aromatic molecules. These substances, particularly essential oils from flowers, are very difficult to imitate. Behind every essential oil is the soul of the plant with all its wisdom and vital strength. That is why pure essential oil must be used, which is defined and obtained to perfection through distillation. Many times an “aromatic substance” with a smell is mistaken for an essential oil.
The power of smell is crucial, as in a few seconds, a smell can take us back many years, and remind us of experiences we had totally forgotten; as a result, this method is also effective from a psychological point of view, due to its powerful disinfecting power and being a regenerator of vital energy.
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